Csongrád lies on the right bank of the River Tisza, at the Körös estuary (Körös-torok). It is accessible by road from Kiskunfélegyháza (Gátér) and Szentes on road 451 or on lower class roads from Szeged (Felgyő), Csépa and Tiszaalpár. It can be reached by rail from Kiskunfélegyháza and Szentes on the #147 railway line. In the first half of the 20th century, it has a small railway connection with Jalgy. Tisza crossing, road and railway bridge connects it with Szentes and pontoon bridge with Csépa.

Despite its plain location, the city has many natural attractions for the tourists. Perhaps the most famous is the sandpit opposite the river Körös, the Körös-torok. In the midst of the low water level of the Tisza during the summer, the sand pad is dry, and fine river sand has been the largest open beach in the area for decades. The Körös-torok festival, is the biggest event of this kind on the Southern Great Plain. A holiday and entertainment district was built around the beach.

Around the city of Csongrád there are many natural attractions that attract tourists who like to go hiking. Csongrád connects the adjacent Szentes along the Koros-torok and through the Tisza bridge bike path, which has become a major tourist attraction since its opening in 2006. A network of amusement trails on the opposite bank of the river Tisza has been formed.


"... such a beautiful coast is nowhere near the Tisza", as in Csongrád, the sandy shore of the Körös estuary, which stretches about 700 meters long and 30 meters wide from the eastern end of the city to the throat.

Plagiarism is the venue for a favorite corporate life in the summer months. No wonder, as it gives the illusion of 25-27 ºC of water and the hot sandy beach. In the afternoon they are full of beach bathers, sunbathing families, small children in shallow water, playground volleyball players and soccer players.