Körös-torok Camping


10 × 2 beds and 9 × 4 bed comfortable chalet, 100 tent place and 30 caravan parking place.


The campsite is situated right next to the 700-meter sandy beach at the mouth of the Tisza and Körös. It is a beautiful ancient village, an ideal holiday resort for children and adults looking for beach and water sports. For young people on Saturdays, music venues provide recreational opportunities.

In the 9026 m2 area of ​​the campsite, beside the tent and caravan places, wooden houses await guests arriving here. The 10 twin, standing, 2-bed, and the 9 so-called. a 4-piece chalet in a chalet with a stove, dishwasher, refrigerator and a private shower and toilet.

In the grassland under the shady trees, there are about 100 tent or 30 caravans to rent.

Guests staying with the tent and caravan will have a communal kitchen, shower and washbasin to make their stay comfortable. There are three fire places available.


Legged Wooden House:

Adult 4.300 HUF / person / night
Student 3,800 HUF / person / night

Pontos Wooden House:

Adult 3000 HUF / person / night
Student 2500 HUF / person / night
Sitting place 500 Ft / tent / night

Tent accommodation price adult 800 HUF / person / night
Tent accommodation fee 600 HUF / person / night
Caravan cost 1000 HUF / person / night

Caravan personal fee adult 800 HUF / person / night
Caravan prize student 600 HUF / person / night
Parking on the camp site: 500 Ft / car / night

Tourist tax: 200 HUF / person / night